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Support AB 1400 CALCARE

We will be working on passing AB 1400, Medicare for All, single payer health care in California. Important committee hearings began in January, so it is important to reach our legislators now. UPDATE: AB 1400 passed in the Assembly Health Committee 11-3. Now on to Appropriations. 

Contact marindems@gmail.com to help.

Learn more about single payer HERE

VOLUNTEER HERE to write postcards, make calls and canvass you neighborhood.

7 Principles of CALCARE:

*Universal coverage

*Single payer public program

*Fully comprehensive benefits

*Freedom to choose your provider

*Free at the point of service

*Just transition

*Patient care based on patient need


When Democrats get out to vote, we win big. We will be working on registering voters across the state in preparation for the 2022 Midterms to regain some red seats and keep all the BLUE.

We will be registering voters in the Central Valley. Sign-up HERE to volunteer.

Contact marindems@gmail.com to stay involved.





Schedule and Agendas
The Monthly Meetings of Marin Democrats are typically held 7:00 - 9:00 PM on the first Thursday of each month.

Next meeting will be February 3, 2022. Click HERE to join us.

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