About Marin Democrats


A message from our chair, Paul Cohen

Democrats and guests! Welcome. Marin County democrats are passionate about democratic values and political activism. We believe that “we’re all in this together.” Our government at every level is where we come together and provide for the common good. We are active in our communities in providing an equitable and quality education for our children and promoting a cleaner environment, renewable and efficient energy sources,and punishing companies that pollute the environment.

Marin Democrats are passionate about the natural beauty of Marin county and the rest of northern California. Access to healthcare is a right for all people living in the United States.

We believe government should play an active role in providing a safety net for our neediest citizens as well as equal access to the judicial process for everyone.

Politics is not a spectator sport; please join us and get involved in the political process. Your passion and involvement are needed and welcomed. There is lots of information on this site about how to get involved, from attending one of our meetings to volunteering on a political campaign. Thank you for taking the time to view our website and inform yourself about Democratic politics in Marin county. I hope to see you at one of our events soon.

Paul Cohen, Chair Democratic Central Committee of Marin

About Marin Democrats The Democratic Central Committee of Marin (DCCM),

The Marin Democratic Party, is an elected body mandated by the California Elections Code and the California Democratic Party By-Laws to be the official representative of the Democratic Party in Marin.

The Democratic Central Committee of Marin consists of 23 representatives elected from each of the County’s five supervisorial districts, and 3 ex-officio members. The elections for these positions take place every four years. Only registered Democrats are entitled to serve on the DCCM, and to vote for candidates running for the DCCM. When the number of candidates vying for positions in a particular supervisorial district is equal to, or less than, the number of positions available, the election in this supervisorial district is not considered contested. Under these conditions, the candidates are not placed upon the ballot, but are instead, appointed to the positions.


Number of Representative Committee Member Positions by District

5 representatives elected from the First Supervisorial District
5 representatives elected from the Second Supervisorial District
5 representatives elected from the Third Supervisorial District
4 representatives elected from the Fourth Supervisorial District
4 representatives elected from the Fifth Supervisorial District
To search Supervisorial Districts by residence, address click here. Supervisors and link to enter your address


Monthly Meetings: The DCCM meets on the first Thursday of every month. Visitors are welcome!