Resolution in Opposition to War with Iran

Adopted by Democratic Central Committee of Marin, January 9, 2020

Whereas, President Trump unilaterally withdrew the United States from the multi-lateral

agreement with Iran limiting the development and spread of nuclear weapons, reducing

economic sanctions, and opening the door to the normalization of relations between the United States and Iran; and

Whereas, the policy and practice of the Trump Administration has been to escalate tensions with Iran, leading to the attack that specifically targeted General Qassem Sulemani, one of the most senior Iranian government and military officers, creating greater instability in the region,endangering the safety of United States civilians and military personnel overseas;greatly increasing the likelihood of escalated military conflict in the Middle East, threatening strategic alliances and threatening war with Iran;

Whereas, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as well as numerous other members of Congress, past military leaders and leading Middle East scholars, have condemned the Trump Administration for planning and executing this attack without any consultation with the appropriate bodies of theHouse of Representatives or the Senate; therefore

Be It Resolved

That the Democratic Central Committee of Marin strongly condemns President Trump’s

unilateral action that brings the United States closer to war with Iran; and be it further


That the Democratic Central Committee of Marin unequivocally condemns and opposes any attack, invasion, or proxy war on Iran, and demands that Congress immediately utilize War Powers Act authority to reign in the recklessness of a President pursuing this conflict.


Adopted: January 3, 2019

Whereas, the Democratic Central Committee of Marin embraces social and economic equity for all Californians; and

Whereas, our nation has long-standing struggles with racism and the current climate is one in which neo-Confederates and white nationalists are attempting to reverse decades of progress on civil rights and equality among all peoples, the Democratic Central Committee of Marin recognizes the impact of historical symbols of racism and oppression and condemns their continued use in public symbols and venues; and

Whereas, local residents as well as elected officials and non-profit leaders such as Congressman Jared Huffman, State Senator Mike McGuire, Supervisor Damon Connolly, County Superintendent of Schools Mary Jane Burke, San Rafael Mayor Gary Phillips and Marin Community Foundation President Thomas Peters are urging this change;

Therefore, be it RESOLVED that the Democratic Central Committee of Marin supports the efforts of local, regional, state and national voices in encouraging the trustees of the Dixie School District in San Rafael to change the name of the District and, by forwarding this resolution, encourages the current Dixie School Board, other Marin elected officials, the media, and supporters of social justice and equity, to support this and similar efforts.

Resolution on Immigration

Democratic Central Committee of Marin County Adopted July 5 2018

Whereas, the Trump Administration and the Republican Congress have not taken any productive action on Immigration Reform, and instead have taken several destructive actions, including:

  • Cancelled the DACA program
  • Implemented a zero tolerance policy at our Southern border, making all entry into the U.S. a federal crime
  • Separated children from their parents, without background checks, adequate tracking or oversight for children
  • Disregarded United Nations Human Rights Office standards for treatment of refugees
  • Criminalized individuals and whole families even though many are lawfully seeking asylum from deadly and dangerous circumstances in other countries, and now putting them in prison in contravention of U.S. law
  • Denigrated people of color and falsely characterized them in sub-human terms; and

Whereas, the Trump administration has fueled an atmosphere of hatred and discrimination against all immigrants seeking refuge in the United States, which has led to intolerance and an increase in discrimination and poor treatment of immigrant communities;

Therefore, now be it resolved, that the California Democratic Party affirms its commitment to undertake affirmative immigration reform, and take action against the abusive, immoral, inhumane and illegal treatment of migrant children at our Southern border, and calls upon the Democratic Delegation of Congress to take immediate steps to ensure that migrant children are tracked for rapid family unification and, if necessary, placed with organizations designed to care for the emotional, physical, medical, and educational needs of minors, with proper oversight and monitoring by independent institutions; and

Be it further resolved, that a copy of this resolution be sent to Democratic members of Congress, media outlets and the Democratic delegation of our CA State Legislature.

Jimmy Carter Jamboree 2017 – adopted September 7, 2017


WHEREAS, the 39TH President of the United States and Navy veteran, Jimmy Carter implemented clean energy and environmental conservation policies and practices, including installing solar panels on the White House, instituting recycling programs across federal government departments, environmental protection legislation, and establishing the Department of Energy to ensure an environmentally sustainable world; and

WHEREAS, Carter’s commitment to peace, democracy, human rights, and humanitarian values that respect all people were recognized by being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the United Nations Human Rights Prize, and have been displayed in numerous ways including giving speeches in Spanish, and his ongoing work to resolve conflict, promote democracy, protect human rights and alleviate human suffering in the U.S. and globally through The Carter Center and helping low-income people build their own housing through Habitat for Humanity; and

WHEREAS, the Democratic Central Committee of Marin affirms these values, has benefitted from Carter’s leadership and service, wishes to honor Carter on his 93rd birthday and supports the Jimmy Carter Jamboree being launched for the week of October 1-8 in the County of Marin to celebrate his birthday;

NOW, THEREFORE, the Democratic Central Committee of Marin does hereby recognize and honor 39th U.S. President Jimmy Carter October 1-8, 2017 throughout Marin County and encourages all of our citizens to participate in local events recognizing President Carter for the significant impact he has made on our nation, state and county and in honor of his 93rd birthday, October 1.

CalEITC – adopted June 1, 2017


Whereas, the California Earned Income Tax Credit (CalEITC), enacted by the Legislature and the Governor in 2015, provides much-needed assistance to working families and individuals who are struggling to make ends meet and has long-lasting benefits for children, families, and communities by reducing deep poverty, improving child and maternal health, spurring local economic growth, and building long-term economic security, as families use the credit to pay for food, rent, childcare and other basic needs, or one-time expenses such as a car repair to enable them to get to work; and

Whereas, the CalEITC, a refundable state tax credit, is currently only available to households with annual earnings below $6,717 for an adult without qualifying children, $10,087 for a family with one qualifying child or $14,161 for a family with two or more qualifying children and benefited more than 385,000 working poor households in the first year of implementation, but reached fewer households than originally estimated, as the Administration estimated 600,000 households to benefit; and

Whereas, the 2017-18 budget proposal does identify CalEITC as one of the four “most significant accomplishments of the past four years”, and the Legislature indicated in 2015-16 budget bill their intent to expand the CalEITC, “to include a broader section of working poor Californians”, yet the Administration has not proposed to increase the size of the credit or extend it to additional low-income workers and has lowered the budget to $264 million from the original $380 million.

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Democratic Central Committee of Marin (DCCM) recommends that the 2017-2018 California State Budget build on the success of CalEITC in its first year, by strengthening and expanding the CalEITC to maximize its effectiveness as a poverty-fighting tool, work incentive, and driver of economic activity, by investing in outreach and free tax preparation services to ensure as many eligible families as possible benefit from the credit, expanding coverage to self-employed and self-reported income earners, and increasing the CalEITC income eligibility threshold to reach all households eligible for the Federal EITC; and

Be it further resolved, DCCM will forward this resolution to the Governor, the President Pro Tempore of the Sate Senate, the Speaker of the State Assembly, and Marin’s legislative representatives, Senator Mike McGuire and Assemblyman Marc Levine, to the Budget Committee Chairs in both legislative bodies, and the California Democratic Party.

Health Care – adopted April 27, 2017

Support for SB 562 (Lara and Atkins) – The Californians For A Healthy California Act

Whereas, the current administration in Washington, DC, has created insecurity for all, even those with health insurance, who suffer unpredictable coverage, cancellations, little choice of providers, decreased benefits, and increased premiums, co-pays, and deductibles and the possible repeal of the ACA; and

Whereas, health care is a right, not a privilege, and all residents of the state have a human right to universal access to reliable, comprehensive health care necessary to live a healthy, full, dignified life; and

Whereas, a universal, single-payer health care system, with consolidated financing and anaccountable public structure, has been predicted in numerous studies to result in greater efficiency, lower costs to businesses, individuals, and government, and a single-payer system has previously been supported by the Democratic Central Committee of Marin (DCCM) in endorsing SB 810 in 2011.

Therefore, be it resolved that the DCCM calls on the California to protect its citizens by establishing a truly universal, comprehensive system, which controls costs, and with eligibility based on residency, and eliminating waste by consolidating the functions of many insurance companies into one comprehensive public plan, thus saving consumers, and the state, billions annually; and

Be it further resolved that the DCCM supports universal access to health care for all Californians through SB562 (Lara/Atkins), the Californians For A Healthy California Act, and calls on our legislative representatives, and Governor Brown, to work for passage of this bill.

Immigration, Civil, and Legal Rights – adopted March 2, 2017

Resolution in Support of SB 54, AB 3 and SB 6

Whereas the Democratic Central Committee of Marin (DCCM) passed the resolution, “OPPOSING SHIFTS IN FEDERAL IMMIGRATION POLICY AND UPHOLDING RIGHTS OF ALL OUR CITIZENS” on January 5 2017, and resolved “to respond rapidly to reaffirm the right of everyone residing in or visiting Marin County, and the State of California, to be free of discrimination and hate violence, whether physical or verbal, and prohibit the enactment or use of a watch list, a registry, surveillance, and/or monitoring based on characteristics of race, gender, age, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability”; and
Whereas the California State Legislature currently has three bills pending, SB 54,SB 6, and AB 3, that would prevent the use of state and local resources to aid ICE in deportations and expand fiscal support for legal assistance for detained individuals and to protect the rights of our immigrant population; and
Whereas, the DCCM resolved to resist and prevent changes in our federal immigration policy that would be detrimental to our residents and visitors, our neighbors and our diverse communities;
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Democratic Central Committee of Marin calls on the State Legislature to pass SB 54, SB 6, and AB 3 and calls on the Marin Board of Supervisors to resolve to support these bills; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Democratic Central Committee of Marin will forward this resolution to the President pro Tem of the Senate, Kevin De Leon, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, the Marin Board of Supervisors, Senator Mike McGuire, Assembly Member Marc Levine and the California Democratic Party.

Immigration – adopted January, 5, 2017


WHEREAS, the Marin Board of Supervisors found that, “the population of Marin County is comprised of people of various racial, religious and ethnic groups, a growing senior population, and persons with disabilities” and that the “practice of discrimination adversely affects these groups and the community” and “it is public policy of the County of Marin that all persons residing in or visiting Marin County,” “may enjoy an equal opportunity to live, grow, learn, work, play, and worship unhampered by invidious discrimination”; and

WHEREAS, the President-Elect of the United States, Donald Trump, has called for banning people believing in Islam from entering the United States and creating a Muslim ‘watch list’, and called for mass deportation of undocumented immigrants, and supports stop-and-frisk law enforcement tactics which disproportionately target people of color, and has selected advisors who spread messages of hate in their speech, and selected the Vice President-Elect who has expressed that the LGBT community should undergo conversion therapy; and

WHEREAS, hate crimes and violence have increased since the November 2016 general election and people targeted by the President and Vice President-Elect in their campaign are fearful for their lives, the well-being of their families and children, and that their constitutional, legal and moral rights will not be protected;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Democratic Central Committee of Marin calls on the Board of Supervisors of Marin County, the State Legislature, our elected Members of Congress, and the California Democratic Party to respond rapidly to reaffirm the right of everyone residing in or visiting Marin County, and the State of California, to be free of  discrimination and hate violence, whether physical or verbal, and prohibit the enactment or use of a watch list, a registry, surveillance, and/or monitoring based on characteristics of race, gender, age, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the above-named bodies will enact laws, uphold existing laws, adopt resolutions, and otherwise resist and prevent sudden changes in our federal immigration policy, and that this intent will be forwarded to the President-Elect and the leaders of both parties of the U.S. House and Senate, and to the U.S. Department of Justice.