Marin Democrats Committees


    1. By-laws/Rules Committee, Chair, Matthew Austen

This Committee is responsible for interpreting these bylaws and rules and revise the bylaws and rules as directed by the DCCM.

    1. Resolutions Committee, Chair, Dotty LeMieux

This committee reviews all resolutions proposed to the DCCM. The Resolutions Committee recommends, rejects, or recommends amendments to, resolutions prior to referral to the DCCM and brings to the DCCM all major resolutions approved by the State Party that relate to election/propositions and referendums for approval by the DCCM.

    1. Budget and Finance Committee, Chair Kris Organ

This committee presents an annual budget at the second regular meeting of the DCCM in even numbered years and no later than the July meeting in odd numbered years and reviews and budgets every request for DCCM funds with recommendations regarding each expenditure.

    1. Candidate Recruitment and Endorsement Committee, Chair, Suzanne Brown-Crow

This committee identifies Democrats running in each local partisan and non-partisan office. Make recommendations for endorsement to the Committee. Coordinate arrangements for endorsement meetings before the DCCM.

    1. Campaign Services and Outreach Committee, Chair, Pat Johnstone

This committee organizes party election campaign efforts and manages campaign headquarters in even years. The committee also organizes and oversees voter contact, including precinct work and phone banks, volunteer recruitment, and voter registration efforts.

    1. Database Committee, Chair, Ruth Carter

This committee organizes, manages and maintains the database of the DCCM.

    1. Communications Committee, Chair, Steve Burdo

This committee manages the DCCM website, as well as DCCM social media, and media outreach and coordinates publicity supportive of DCCM efforts.

    1. Development Committee, Chair, Diana Conti

This committee organizes and oversees all fundraising efforts for the DCCM.