Local Democratic Clubs

Marin Young Democrats

The Democratic Central Committee of Marin urges you to visit a number of clubs (both chartered and non-charted) that discuss local issues and organize Democrats around specific issues. Depending on membership, chartered clubs are able to send specified numbers of voting members to state Democratic party to pre-endorsement meetings. Usually, membership is open to all registered Marin Democrats who support the principles of the Party. Below is a list of chartered clubs (and organizations) in Marin and their contact information.

10th Assembly District Democrats
Following redistricting, the 6th Assembly District Democrats has been re-christened as the 10th Assembly District Democrats! The purpose of the organization is to encourage, develop, and actively engage in political organization and activities within the Assembly District and perform other electoral political activity for the purpose of electing Democratic Party candidates endorsed by the organization, the DCCM and/or the CDP. Our group also hosts a number of events throughout the year that are both fun and informative, including an annual Chinese New Year dinner and candidate workshops and forums.
Ralph Miller, 10AD Chair

California Young Democrats, Marin Chapter
The Marin County Young Democrats seek to stimulate an active interest in governmental affairs in Marin county young people, increase the efficiency of our government, maintain the viability of our free institutions, and contribute to the growth and influence of the ideals and philosophy of the Democratic Party.

Laurel Druke, marincountyyoungdemocrats@gmail.com

Progressive Democracy For America, Marin Chapter
DFA-Marin is an inclusive organization committed to the progressive values underlying our democracy. Our purpose is to restore and maintain citizen’s ownership of democracy by mobilizing and facilitating grassroots participation in the political process.

Pat Johnstone, organizing4marin@gmail.com

Novato Democratic Club
The Novato Democratic Club is established to stimulate an active interest in governmental affairs, to foster the practice and principles of popular government, and to promote the ideals of equal justice and social well being for all people.
Suzanne Brown Crow, President
(415) (415) 309-6170
Novato, CA

Thurgood Marshall Democratic Club
The purpose of the Thurgood Marshall Democratic Club is to ensure that all citizens have an understanding of the interworking of government, it’s citizenry and partners and are fully informed on the options and issues in the electoral process.
Regina Carey, (Chair)
PO Box 2316 San Rafael CA 94912