Thank you to all of our speakers, Sponsors and guests for making

a rousing success. Special thanks to our Sponsors, listed below:

Jared Huffman
Professional Engineers in California Government

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Vice Presidential
Mike McGuire
Marc Levine
Albert Varner
IAFF 1775
H. Mattson Austin
Paul Cohen
Damon Connolly
Diana Conti
Chuck Finnie
Linda Jackson
David Lake
Vicki Nichols
Melissa Ahern
Brett Ahern
Lisa Bennett
Melissa Blaustein
Susan Bolle
Bob Casey
Erica Clethen
Susan Cleveland Knowles
Kate Colin
Frank Egger
Wendy Friefield
Lori Frugoli
Peggy Hill
Bill Jansen
Greg Knell
Carol Korenbrot
Dotty LeMieux
Maika Llorens Gulati
Barbara Meislin
Stephanie O’Brien
Mary O’Riordan
Kris Organ
Bruce Raful
Linda Remy
Katie Rice
Shelly Scott
Bill Sims
Peter Tiernan
Wanden Treanor



Thank you to the following elected officials for supporting the Marin Democratic Party and joining us for Virtual DINING WITH DEMOCRATS:

Keynote Speaker – Congresswoman Katie Porter

Congressman Jared Huffman

Senator Mike McGuire

Assemblyman Marc Levine

Supervisor Damon Connolly

Supervisor Katie Rice

Supervisor-Elect Stephanie Moulton-Peters

Shelly Scott – County Assessor Recorder

Suzanne Brown Crow – College of Marin Trustee

Diana Conti – College of Marin Trustee

Stephanie O’Brien – College of Marin Trustee

Stuart Tanenberg – College of Marin Trustee

Wanden Treanor – College of Marin Trustee

Michael Boorstein – Ross Valley Sanitary District

Steve Burdo – San Anselmo Town Council

Susan Cleveland-Knowles – Sausalito City Council

Barbara Coler – Fairfax Town Council

Kate Colin – San Rafael City Council

Renee Goddard – Mayor Fairfax

Bonnie Hough – Sausalito/Marin City School Board

Linda Jackson – San Rafael School Board

Rachel Kertz – San Rafael School Board

Greg Knell – San Rafael School Board

David Kunhardt – Corte Madera Town Council

Maika Llorens Gulati – San Rafael School Board

Eric Lucan – Novato City Council

Pam Meigs – Ross Valley Sanitary District


 And, checkout our ENDORSEMENT 2020 page for all Marin Democratic Party endorsed candidates and local and State measures and propositions.