The Marin Democratic Party
is pleased to announce our endorsements for the
General Election on November 5, 2019

Fairfax Town Council:                 Renee Goddard and Cindy Swift

Novato City Council District 1:  Susan Wernick

Novato City Council District 3:  Eric Lucan

Novato City Council District 5:  Amy Peele

San Anselmo Town Council:      Steve Burdo

Fairfax Measure F:                      YES

Cindy Swift – Fairfax Town Council

Susan Wernick – Novato City Council District 1

Renee Goddard – Fairfax Town Council

Eric Lucan – Novato City Council District 3

Steve Burdo – San Anselmo Town Council

Amy Peele – Novato City Council District 5

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Cindy Swift – Fairfax Town Council

I currently serve as chair of the Fairfax Planning Commission as well as the Cascade Canyon Firewise USA steering committee and on the County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) steering committee.  I have a long relationship with our local and county libraries as I currently serve on the boards of the Friends of the Fairfax Library as well as the Friends of the Marin County Library and previously served as a Marin County Library Commissioner.

I worked as a professional IT Project and Program Manager (PMP) for the HQs, US Army Corps of Engineers managing corps-wide IT projects and I remain a member of a Corps reserve cadre.

My priorities for Fairfax include improved public safety and community disaster preparedness, not only for the threat of wildfires, but other emergencies as well; preservation of our historical resources and maintenance of our infrastructure both of which are a source of community pride.

My husband John, and I, have lived in Fairfax for 39 years and all during that time I have been fortunate to .   be able to volunteer in the community including the Park & Recreation Commission as well as the Volunteer Board.

I am honored to be endorsed by Marin Democrats.


Renee Goddard – Fairfax Town Council

I have served the engaged and eclectic community of Fairfax as a Town Council Member for 6 and a half years, and as this is a vital time for Democrats to come together, I am especially grateful for the DCCM endorsement.

For the past 16 years, my primary mode of transportation has been the bicycle. I know the bumps and blind curves of every street along the pathways to schools. and have been a task force representative for Safe Routes to Schools for the past 12 years. My commitment is to improving our existing pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure and adding public protections to make our downtown safe and accessible to all.

Fairfax has found local solutions to address our critical housing shortage. We have implemented multiple tenant protection policies during my tenure on the Council.

I am a founding member of Cascade Canyon Firewise, Fairfax’s first Firewise neighborhood. I initiated and co-coordinated Fairfax’s first evacuation drill.


Steve Burdo – San Anslemo Town Council

I bring more than 17 years experience in local government, policy and public safety, including my current employment as an Public Safety Communications Officer who served during the 2017 North Bay fires.  I believe public service and volunteerism are essential to a thriving community, and have spent the majority of my time in San Anselmo walking that walk.  For nearly a decade, my time in San Anselmo has been spent serving our community in the following capacities:

  • Parks & Recreation Commissioner (2012-Present, Chair in 2015)
  • Community Facilities Master Plan Advisory Committee (2014-2015)
  • Memorial Park Skate Park Steering Committee (2015)
  • Memorial Park Master Plan Advisory Board (2016-Present)
  • Charter Member, Sustainable San Anselmo (2012-2013)
  • MC of the Annual Town Easter Egg Hunt since 2013

An experienced public safety communications officer (PIO) who served as one of the lead PIOs during the 2017 North Bay Fires (via the Sonoma County EOC).

I bring a wealth of experience, passion, and dedication to the table and look forward to working together to ensure that San Anselmo remains vibrant, family- friendly, sustainable and safe.


Susan Wernick – Novato City Council District 1

Marin has been my family’s home since 1954. My husband and I raised our family in Novato, and for me our truest charm has always come from our people.

As cities around us grow into cookie-cutter versions of one another, Novato is uniquely placed to become a small town destination, humming with cool places to shop, great food, and fun family-friendly activities. Downtown can be a hub that brings us together, supports our home town vibe, and is the foundation for a strong economy.

I look forward to using the skills, experience, and relationships developed through five years on the Novato Planning Commission and years in local business to help define our future—with passion, creativity & joy. I appreciate your trust in me!


Eric Lucan – Novato City Council District 3

I am the current Mayor of the City of Novato, have a strong track record in elected office, community service, and business. I am a Novato native and a known local leader who is passionate about helping kids and seniors, protecting our environment, and giving our workers, students and small businesses a chance to succeed in a changing economy.

I started giving back to my hometown as a volunteer soccer coach and a youth director mentoring students. After grad school, I returned to Novato and served as a volunteer chaplain with the Novato Police Department and was appointed as a Parks and Recreation Commissioner in 2007. I was first elected to the City Council in 2011. I am the Chief Marketing Officer for Novato based Mike’s Bikes. My wife Kiley and I, and son Noah, are proud to call Novato home.

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Amy Peele – Novato City Council District 5

Thank you. I’m honored to have your endorsement!

Mark and I moved to Novato 30 years ago to raise our family, and we have never looked back. I love our creative “can-do” spirit, and our community commitment to one another and a sustainable future.

As the former Director of the UCSF Organ Transplant Department, I managed complex patient and staff needs, and balanced a large budget. Even in often difficult circumstances, I saw amazing things come through collaboration, creativity, the willingness to respectfully work through different perspectives.

I’m excited to bring my passion, skills, and experience to our City Council.

I hope we will continue to work in together, in shaping a future for Novato that is rooted in possibility!

Thank you, Amy


Measure F for Fairfax

Measure F is not a new tax, it simply continues the sound fiscal policy begun when Fairfax voters overwhelmingly passed the first Measure F fifteen years ago and renewed with Measures I and J.  Measure F proposes an eleven-year extension of Fairfax’s special municipal tax of $195 for the first year – increasing $5 annually to a maximum of $250.

The measure is a special tax requiring 2/3 to pass.  It would pay for: public safety- police and fire; capital projects (primarily grants match); youth and senior programs; opening pedestrian evacuation trails; and wildfire prevention efforts.  Continuation of this measure with modest increases is critical to ensure Fairfax’s fiscal solvency and independence.   Without Measure F, Fairfax will face cuts in core public services.  Every dollar raised stays in Fairfax.

Key endorsers: Fairfax Town Council, Ross Valley Firefighters, Fairfax Police, Supervisor Katie Rice, Marin County Democrats, Fairfax Chamber of Commerce, Current and Former Town Treasurers, Police & Fire Chief.