The Marin Democratic Party
is pleased to announce our endorsements for the
General Election on November 6, 2018

District AttorneyANNA PLETCHER




Marin Healthcare DistrictJENNIFER RIENKS


North Marin Water DistrictRICK FRAITES

District Attorney


College of Marin Trustee

MMWD Division 1

Novato Unified School District

College of Marin Trustee

MMWD Division 4

Novato Unified School District

Marin Healthcare District



College of Marin Trustee

North Marin Water District

Novato Unified School District


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Anna Pletcher for District Attorney

As an experienced federal prosecutor and law professor, the daughter of Puerto Rican immigrants, and a mother, I’m running for District Attorney to fight for safety and justice for all of Marin.

After 70 years of insider DAs, we need a fresh perspective from a proven prosecutor who is experienced, independent, and fair.

I’m the only candidate committed to reforming our cash bail system and providing rape kit exams in-county. I will expand restorative youth justice alternatives and collaborate to break the cycle of homelessness. I’ll make sure that Marin joins regional partners to protect our environment and build safer schools. These smart reforms make us safer, stronger, and save taxpayer resources.

I’m proud to raise my three children in Mill Valley, where I’ve worked tirelessly to protect families, as Chair of the Marin Women’s Commission and by helping lead the Marin County Coalition to End Human Trafficking.

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Jack Gibson for Marin Municipal Water District 1

Thank you Marin Democrats for your support. I appreciate the endorsement and our work together over the decades.

Serving on the MMWD has been a great honor. For me, this responsibility is a sacred trust… to the community and to the principles upon which our Water District was founded more than a century ago. That commitment to environmental sustainability and stewardship, open public land, and clean accessible water continues to guide me.

Now we face challenges unforeseeable 100 years ago, and complexities which are made even more difficult because of climate change. Learning, understanding, and working within this ever-evolving interconnected system continues to be a challenge and inspiration.

My priorities remain fire safety, providing our community with a safe, reliable, and water source, and protecting our amazing landscape.

We have clean water today because our Water District founders had vision and dedication. The future now relies on us.


Cynthia Koehler for Marin Municipal Water District 4

As a veteran environmental attorney and water policy expert, I’m running for re-election to the MMWD Board to ensure that we continue to have the best possible drinking water at the most affordable rates. During my tenure, MMWD has so successfully increased water use efficiency that we’ve not only eliminated the need to develop costly new supplies, but are using substantially less water now than when I was first elected in 2004. At a penny a gallon, MMWD’s drinking water remains a bargain compared with other vital services; our rates are consistently below the CPI.

I am committed to stewarding our extraordinary watershed not only to protect our water quality and support recreation, but also to protect against fire risk. I’m honored to be endorsed by all five Marin County Supervisors, numerous community leaders, U.S. Rep. Jared Huffman, and Marin Democrats.

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Diane Gasson for Novato Unified School District

Diane has been an active volunteer in Novato’s schools starting as co-chair of the Measure A parcel tax campaign, which brings $4M into Novato’s schools annually. She also serves on NUSD’s parcel tax committee and volunteers in the classrooms and gardens. Diane, with her two daughters (Olivia, 11 and Alena, 9) and husband, Jon gardens, raises chickens and fosters dogs and cats for Marin Humane Society.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in business management, as well as a certificate in accounting and previously worked in operational and financial management, non-profit bookkeeping and office management services. Diane understands budgets, working collaboratively and the need to retain good teachers, including supporting affordable housing for public employees.

She is a fierce defender of public education. Her motto is “It’s all about the kids!”



Suzanne Brown Crow for College of Marin Trustee

It’s been an honor to work with Democratic Party of Marin County over the years, so I am especially proud of this endorsement. Not long ago a young person set a career-path, pursued the necessary skills or degrees, and were set for life. But increasingly that’s not how contemporary career paths work. And, it’s estimated that nearly half of all of our current jobs won’t exist in 20 years.

The college needs to shift how it provides the skills necessary in an increasingly transitional job market, and how courses are made available to accommodate students with full lives. It’s an exciting time and we need to prepare.

I’ve built a reputation for doing my homework. I’ll make sure our community remains engaged as campus facilities become active community hubs.

I’m very optimistic, and I’m excited to add my experience, pragmatism, and strategic planning skills to such a great team. 


Diana Conti for College of Marin Trustee

I appreciate the endorsement of the Democratic Party of Marin County and I’m really grateful for all that the Party does for our county.

When you first elected me to the College of Marin Board of Trustees our potential was obvious, but we needed to get our house in order. Through dedication and diligence, every initiative I wanted to see implemented is well on its way to being fully realized.

We’re modernizing both campus facilities, and expanding them to become resource hubs for community members. We have both a balanced budget, and “the best Community College contract in California.” And, our current board works collaboratively, respectfully and productively.

I’m tremendously proud of our progress. I’m running for re-election to continue our positive direction, help implement the vision we’ve worked so hard to create, and build a sustainable base so that we will continue to thrive long into the future.