The Marin Democratic Party
is pleased to announce our endorsements for the
General Election on November 6, 2018

District AttorneyANNA PLETCHER
Marin Healthcare DistrictJENNIFER RIENKS
Dixie School District – MEGAN HUTCHINSON
Las Gallinas Sanitary District – MEGAN CLARK, CRYSTAL YEZMAN
Novato Sanitary District – GARY BUTLER
North Marin Water DistrictRICK FRAITES
San Rafael Board of EducationNATU TUATAGALOA, RACHEL KERTZ
Sausalito- Marin City School District – IDA GREEN, BONNIE HOUGH
Tam Union HS District – KEVIN SAAVEDRA



District Attorney

College of Marin Trustee

Kentfield School Board

Las Gallinas Sanitary District

MMWD Division 1

Novato Unified School District

San Rafael Board of Education

Sausalito- Marin City School District

Dixie School Board

College of Marin Trustee

Kentfield School District

Las Gallinas Sanitary District

MMWD Division 4

Novato Unified School District

San Rafael Board of Education

Sausalito- Marin City School District

Marin Healthcare District

College of Marin Trustee

Kentfield School District

Novato Sanitary District

North Marin Water District

Novato Unified School District

Hold this place

Hold this place

Tam Union HS District


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Anna Pletcher for District Attorney

As an experienced federal prosecutor and law professor, the daughter of Puerto Rican immigrants, and a mother, I’m running for District Attorney to fight for safety and justice for all of Marin.

After 70 years of insider DAs, we need a fresh perspective from a proven prosecutor who is experienced, independent, and fair.

I’m the only candidate committed to reforming our cash bail system and providing rape kit exams in-county. I will expand restorative youth justice alternatives and collaborate to break the cycle of homelessness. I’ll make sure that Marin joins regional partners to protect our environment and build safer schools. These smart reforms make us safer, stronger, and save taxpayer resources.

I’m proud to raise my three children in Mill Valley, where I’ve worked tirelessly to protect families, as Chair of the Marin Women’s Commission and by helping lead the Marin County Coalition to End Human Trafficking.

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Jennifer Rienks for Marin Healthcare District

As a member of the Healthcare District Board for the last 12 years, I have learned an immense amount about healthcare districts, physician recruitment, and successfully meeting the challenges of operating a publicly owned hospital in a competitive environment. I have demonstrated reasoned leadership and have been able to bring people together to work in the best interests of the hospital and district residents.

I have worked at UCSF for the Family Health Outcomes Project (FHOP), in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, since 1996 and am currently the Associate Director of FHOP.

As someone who has been active in many community-based organizations and works with health departments across the state, I have the skills and leadership to understand the data, ask tough questions, and build consensus. I am a public health advocate who will work to ensure Marin residents have the best health care services possible.




Jack Gibson for Marin Municipal Water District 1

Thank you Marin Democrats for your support. I appreciate the endorsement and our work together over the decades.

Serving on the MMWD has been a great honor. For me, this responsibility is a sacred trust… to the community and to the principles upon which our Water District was founded more than a century ago. That commitment to environmental sustainability and stewardship, open public land, and clean accessible water continues to guide me.

Now we face challenges unforeseeable 100 years ago, and complexities which are made even more difficult because of climate change. Learning, understanding, and working within this ever-evolving interconnected system continues to be a challenge and inspiration.

My priorities remain fire safety, providing our community with a safe, reliable, and water source, and protecting our amazing landscape.

We have clean water today because our Water District founders had vision and dedication. The future now relies on us.


Cynthia Koehler for Marin Municipal Water District 4

As a veteran environmental attorney and water policy expert, I’m running for re-election to the MMWD Board to ensure that we continue to have the best possible drinking water at the most affordable rates. During my tenure, MMWD has so successfully increased water use efficiency that we’ve not only eliminated the need to develop costly new supplies, but are using substantially less water now than when I was first elected in 2004. At a penny a gallon, MMWD’s drinking water remains a bargain compared with other vital services; our rates are consistently below the CPI.

I am committed to stewarding our extraordinary watershed not only to protect our water quality and support recreation, but also to protect against fire risk. I’m honored to be endorsed by all five Marin County Supervisors, numerous community leaders, U.S. Rep. Jared Huffman, and Marin Democrats.

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Suzanne Brown Crow for College of Marin Trustee

It’s been an honor to work with Democratic Party of Marin County over the years, so I am especially proud of this endorsement. Not long ago a young person set a career-path, pursued the necessary skills or degrees, and were set for life. But increasingly that’s not how contemporary career paths work. And, it’s estimated that nearly half of all of our current jobs won’t exist in 20 years.

The college needs to shift how it provides the skills necessary in an increasingly transitional job market, and how courses are made available to accommodate students with full lives. It’s an exciting time and we need to prepare.

I’ve built a reputation for doing my homework. I’ll make sure our community remains engaged as campus facilities become active community hubs.

I’m very optimistic, and I’m excited to add my experience, pragmatism, and strategic planning skills to such a great team. 


Diana Conti for College of Marin Trustee

I appreciate the endorsement of the Democratic Party of Marin County and I’m really grateful for all that the Party does for our county.

When you first elected me to the College of Marin Board of Trustees our potential was obvious, but we needed to get our house in order. Through dedication and diligence, every initiative I wanted to see implemented is well on its way to being fully realized.

We’re modernizing both campus facilities, and expanding them to become resource hubs for community members. We have both a balanced budget, and “the best Community College contract in California.” And, our current board works collaboratively, respectfully and productively.

I’m tremendously proud of our progress. I’m running for re-election to continue our positive direction, help implement the vision we’ve worked so hard to create, and build a sustainable base so that we will continue to thrive long into the future.


Wanden P. Treanor for College of Marin Trustee (Incumbent)

I am an attorney, and have been practicing in Marin for over three decades. I served as president of 10,000 Degrees, Marin County Bar Association, Marin Legal Aid and Planned Parenthood of Marin. I have also received the “Pay It Forward Award” from 10,000 Degrees; and the “Fulfilling the Trust” Award from the Community College League of California. In 2016, I was inducted into the Marin Women’s Hall of Fame.

I have seen how individual lives change when they enroll in the College of Marin to pursue dreams for a better life for themselves and their family. There is a compass for equality and justice that sustains my desire to continue serving on the College of Marin Board of Trustees.

In addition to the Marin Democratic Party, I have also been endorsed by the Marin Independent Journal, North Bay Labor Council, Marin Women’s PAC and the Novato Democratic Club, along with Congressman Jared Huffman, Senator Mike McGuire and many other elected officials and community leaders.




Diane Gasson for Novato Unified School District

Diane has been an active volunteer in Novato’s schools starting as co-chair of the Measure A parcel tax campaign, which brings $4M into Novato’s schools annually. She also serves on NUSD’s parcel tax committee and volunteers in the classrooms and gardens. Diane, with her two daughters (Olivia, 11 and Alena, 9) and husband, Jon gardens, raises chickens and fosters dogs and cats for Marin Humane Society.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in business management, as well as a certificate in accounting and previously worked in operational and financial management, non-profit bookkeeping and office management services. Diane understands budgets, working collaboratively and the need to retain good teachers, including supporting affordable housing for public employees.

She is a fierce defender of public education. Her motto is “It’s all about the kids!”



Azadeh Hunter for Novato Unified School District

I am running for Novato School Board for the KIDS — this is all about the kids — the kids who come to school every day eager to learn, the kids with special needs, the kids learning English as a second language, ALL our kids deserve the best education.

I’m a Mom with kids in Novato Public Schools and a Novato Public Schools grad myself.  I’ve served as Secretary of the PTA at San Ramon Elementary, on the Board of the Novato Mother’s Club, and starting this fall, as Secretary for the North Marin Council of the PTA.

I’m running because our schools are facing some serious challenges: enrollment is down, which means budgets are tightening, and we’re facing increasing competition to attract the best teachers and administrators. We’re also deciding how to spend recently approved bond funding. Facing these difficult decisions, I believe our School Board would greatly benefit from a fresh perspective like mine.

Raised by a single mother, I learned at a young age that in order to make a difference, you have to be the difference. I want to be the difference for my three kids now, and for your kids too. I ask for your support to help make that possible.


 Derek Knell for Novato Unified School District

First elected to the Novato Unified School District Board of Trustees in 2006. My community involvement reaches well beyond Education. I have served as a member of the San Rafael Canal Alliance board and have been an active member of organizations such as Rotary International, The East San Rafael Task Force, and The North Bay Council. I am married with two sons. Both graduates of the Novato public school system, where I have been actively involved for more than two decades.

I worked diligently to pass both the 2001 and 2016 School facilities bond measures, as Co-Chair of the first campaign committee and then later as a Trustee. Before becoming a trustee, I served two terms on the district’s Citizen’s School Bond Financial Oversight Committee, where I helped to plan and review the construction and modernization of Novato’s schools.

As a trustee, I will continue to bring strong fiscal management and a deep commitment to Novato’s children, to ensure that our kids receive the highest quality public education possible. I will continue to work collaboratively with our community on the need to attract and retain teachers, by finding ways to compensate them appropriately, including support for affordable workforce housing.


Sarah Killingsworth for Kentfield School District

As a parent with two sons in the Kentfield School District, a Greenbrae resident, active participant in our community for 15 years and with 20 years of practicing law, I have an unwavering passion for serving our schools. Having led a number of KSD initiatives, chaired several school programs and committees and volunteering many hours in the classroom, I would bring an informed, dedicated, pragmatic and balanced perspective to our school board.

Over the years, I have taken on a number of leadership roles bringing parents and community members together to benefit our children’s curriculum, safety and the health and financial future of our schools.

I appreciate the community support for my candidacy– in addition to the endorsement of the Marin Democrats, I have been endorsed by the Marin Women’s Political Action Committee, retired Kent Principal Skip Kniesche, many current and past school board members, elected officials, and community members.

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Davina Katz Goldwasser for Kentfield School District

I bring over 20 years of experience in education as a K-12 educator, school administrator, and currently I supervise 5 High Schools serving nearly 6,000 students in the San Francisco Unified School District. I have worked in 4 school districts and been on the cutting edge of educational research and best practices. I have resources to offer that can add unique value. As the daughter of immigrants raised in a Spanish speaking home and a first generation college graduate,

I am passionate about ensuring our schools are places where all families feel welcome and valued.  We must maximize each student’s potential and provide the resources and support for every student to thrive. Together, we can foster a true sense of belonging for all members of our community. I would be honored to contribute to the work of ensuring our public schools are places we can all be proud of.


Ida Times Green for Sausalito- Marin City School District

I was born to serve! I am a lifetime resident of Marin City, raised by working class parents and a mother who advocated not just for her children but for many within the district. As a Trustee on the Sausalito Marin City School Board and a Social Worker working with young children in Marin City, I am following in my mother’s footsteps.

I am deeply connected to this community and have friends and extended family with children at both of our District’s schools. My constituents trust me to remain committed to serving the interests of all children at each school. I will continue to advocate for decisions that do not hinder our children but elevate them.

I am very concerned with low student achievement at both schools, and specifically among students of color. Closing our district’s achievement gap is my top priority.  I support a community school model with wrap-around services and feel strongly that my work is not done.

Bonnie Rose Hough for Sausalito- Marin City School District

I am an attorney who with more than 30 years of experience working on behalf of low-income families and children. I was a co-founder and Executive Director of the Family and Children’s Law Center in Marin and am now Managing Attorney with the Center for Families, Children and the Courts at the state Judicial Council where I work on domestic violence, family law and access to justice issues.

The key issue in our race is how to address the achievement gap for children of color and ESL learners. I am deeply committed to ensuring equity for all children in the district. I want to move forward with the district’s plan for a community school model providing wrap-around services for children and their families coordinated at the school. We already have the building blocks with great community organizations, volunteers and teachers. By coming together we can ensure that all of our children can thrive in high school and beyond.

Kevin Saavedra for Tam High School District

I have lived in Marin for nearly 20 years. I have two kids: a son who graduated from Drake high school two years ago, and a daughter who is currently a junior at Drake. I am new to local politics, but I am not new to volunteering in support of our local public schools. I am currently the treasurer of the Measure J campaign, a member of the TUHSD fiscal advisory committee, and formerly a board member of the Drake Fund.

I understand the issues currently facing the district – fiscal challenges largely attributable to a significant increase in enrollment – and I believe I have demonstrated my commitment to be part of the solution, helping the district towards the best possible outcome.

I appreciate the endorsement of the Marin Democratic Party. I have also been endorsed by the Marin Independent Journal, Supervisor Katie Rice and the family of former Supervisor Hal Brown.