Fairfax Town Council
Barbara Coler
Barbara is an incumbent on the Fairfax Town Council serving the last 4 years and as Mayor in 2015.  She was appointed May 2013 and then elected November 2013 (as the top vote getter).  She is a scientist with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in biological sciences.  She serves on several Boards: Marin Clean Energy (Executive Board and Board member); Marin Telecommunications Agency; Community Media Center of Marin; Countywide Community Development Block Grant; Marin County Assessment of Fair Housing; and several Town committees, notably Affordable Housing; Climate Action (former); Open Space; and Age Friendly.  She is also a member of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District Hearing Board (alternate).  

Barbara has demonstrated her commitment to public service and protection of public health and the environment – with more than 20 years running statewide hazardous waste site cleanup and permitting for Cal/EPA and 5 years enforcing air quality regulations for the nine counties of the Bay Area Air District.  She is currently the Administrator of a significant climate change program for CAPCOA, the non-profit which represents the 35 California Air Districts.

Barbara is a long time resident of the west end of Fairfax and is an avid hiker and biker.  She is a 21+ year Fairfax resident (with 28 years in Marin overall).

Novato City Council
Denise Athas, Mayor
From her early years, Denise Athas has never shied away from doing what’s right. She’s been a champion for equality, opportunity, and collaboration throughout her life.
Remembering her own immigrant roots, Denise remains committed to a public discourse and engagement that is equally available to everyone, where all voices can be heard, and the results benefit the whole community rather than just a few.

“We can only preserve what we love — if we are proactive in creating solutions and determined in defining our own future. As servants of the community we are expected to be thoughtful, inclusive, and work to develop sensible, sustainable actions that strengthen Novato’s future. We must be prioritize solutions that support all of our community, and define a path forward that both protects our character and remains both flexible and strong enough to withstand the uncertainty ahead.”



San Anselmo Town Council
Steve Burdo
With nearly two decades in public policy and local government, his time on the San Anselmo Parks and Recreation Commission, and love for the Town, Steve Burdo brings a wealth of experience, passion and dedication to the table.
You’ll often find Steve hiking one of our phenomenal local trails or playing basketball at Memorial Park. His love of the outdoors is what fuels his passion for preserving, maintaining, and upgrading our Town’s open spaces and recreation areas, and inspired him to join the San Anselmo Parks & Recreation Commission.
Steve has also served on the Community Facilities Master Plan Advisory Committee, and the Memorial Park Master Plan Advisory board, helping to ensure the future of San Anselmo’s infrastructure, parks and recreational programming.
Steve is dedicated to a community-based approach to addressing challenges, building a stronger economy, and protecting the local Town feeling that is the pride of San Anselmo.
Please join the Marin Democratic Party, Sierra Club, Marin Professional Firefighters, SEIU 1021, and Marin Women’s Political Action Committee in supporting Steve Burdo for San Anselmo Town Council.



Sausalito City Council
Susan Cleveland-Knowles
Susan Cleveland-Knowles has the experience, common-sense approach to solutions and consensus-building skills necessary to be Sausalito’s next City Council Member.  Susan has 18 years of experience as a Deputy City Attorney in San Francisco with an emphasis on land use and transportation issues, over four years on the Sausalito Planning Commission and many years of volunteering in the Sausalito’s public school and on local committees.  She will work for sensible solutions that serve the whole community, including maintaining and improving local infrastructure from parks to streets, keeping a vigilant eye on sea level rise, and advocating for a General Plan that reflects Sausalito’s small-town character while recognizing that Sausalito must adapt to inevitable change.  Susan will promote sound management of our city’s financial resources so that Sausalito continues to have the services it needs and deserves both now and in the future. Susan is thrilled to have the DCCM’s endorsement!  ​


Holli Thier
Tiburon City Council
I am honored to receive the Marin County Democratic Part’s endorsement.  I was so proud to be unanimously appointed to the Tiburon Town Council earlier this year.  I am up for election on November 7, 2017.  With three candidates vying for just two seats, I need your help now more than ever before to keep my seat. It is now more important than ever to have strong Democrats in local offices.
We are running a very strong campaign, and are winning support.  We have just earned several important new endorsements, including Councilmember and Former Mayor Alice Fredericks, Vice-Mayor and Former Mayor Emmett O’Donnell, Former Mayor Jeff Slavitz, Former Mayor Terry Hennessey, School Board Vice-President Susan Peitz to add to our already impressive list of supporters.
With nearly half of the Town Council changing, it will be critical to keep experienced individuals on the Town Council who have Tiburon’s best interests at the forefront.  I want to work to preserve our magnificent open space, reduce traffic along Tiburon Boulevard, keep Tiburon fiscally sound, revitalize downtown, and ensure emergency preparedness.  I want to lead Tiburon into the future and ensure we preserve its unique character.  Join me in creating an even stronger sense of community, join me in ensuring Tiburon is safer for all our residents, and join me in preserving our open space. Together we can accomplish these goals and more.